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Hi, I’m Chris and I’d love to help you get a better website so you can do more doulaing.

It might seem odd that a middle-aged bloke like me builds websites for birthy women like you but, well, I’m married to a doula so I know what you lot are like!

Take a look around and if you think I can help you, I’d love to hear from you.

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Chris McMahon owner of DoulaSites

The story

I’ve been dabbling in the web since the 90s but I only started building sites professionally for small businesses and non-profits in 2010 when I set up Very Simple Sites.

It soon turned out, thanks to my wife Maddie (aka DoulaMaddie of Developing Doulas fame) that the vast majority of my clients had something to do with the birthworld.

So, after much procrastination, DoulaSites was born to help birth businesses get to grips with modern marketing.

In my experience most heart led, caring, small businesses find the whole website thing frustrating and often overwhelming. It takes time. You need to write stuff and find pictures. You find it hard to justify spending much because you think “I only need a simple site” – paying a web designer seems expensive.

Jumping on the DIY website bandwagon and building your own site seems the obvious answer and, for some, Weebly or SquareSpace are good solutions and they get on fine but for others, well, the sites don’t quite ever come to fruition quite the way you envisioned. And if you’ve self-built your own WordPress site, I know all too well the frustrations that can bring.

Some people suffer from ‘website shame’ but just don’t have the time or know-how to fix things and almost everyone lacks the know-how to really get the best out of their sites.

I want to take away that frustration. My aim here is to provide a platform for building your site with the resources and support you need to get yourself some ‘website confidence’.

At DoulaSites I’ll doula you through getting a website. There is a base price to get up and running but beyond that you can do what you can for free yourself with my support or you can pay me to do stuff for you.

You might notice that I use “I” and “We” throughout this site. Mostly I work alone but I call in the cavalry (other developers) now and again, and of course I’d be nothing without Maddie’s help!

Lastly, a little heads-up. It’s great to be able to deal with people one-on-one but sometimes it’s easier to automate things. So in an attempt so save myself some time and you some money some conversations you have with me might be with a chat-bot and not me at all – let’s hope that works ok  – you’ll know when your talking to Robot Chris and when it’s Human Chris.

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Doula Verina Henchy

Verina Henchy

Doula, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Homeopath

Not only does Chris have an excellent grasp of his own business with an understanding of his customer (my) needs, he has an excellent grasp of my business and the needs of my customers! That’s rare to find.

Chris is the 3rd website builder to work with me and the only one who has truly given me a valuable and visible on-line presence.

He built me a beautiful website a few years ago and he continues to work with me to update things as I grow and as my business grows.

Most of my customers now find me through my website so I have no hesitation in investing in this, my #1 marketing tool.

Sophie Messager

Sophie Messager

Doula and Babywearing Instructor.

Chris is very personable and I have found it most refreshing working with him because he speaks my “lay” language, and not computer jargon like many computer experts I have encountered.

Chris really makes an effort to understand what I want, and also equips me with the knowledge I need to update my website myself.