Curious about anything? Here’s the FAQ.

Hopefully your questions are answered here- if not, do get in touch and ask or if you’re ready already signup here

How long will it take to build my site?

Once the planning is done and we've got your content we aim to have your site built in 3 working days (yeah, really). If for some reason it will take longer, we'll let you know.

If you are having several addons or a custom built project then the timescale will be longer – we'll discuss this with you as relevant.

I already have a site can I bring that to DoulaSites

Maybe. If you already have a WordPress site then we should be able to migrate that easily- and probably for free. If it's on another platform then, probably not. Get it touch so we can have a look at your site and let you know. 

If we can migrate your site, then all you'll need to pay is the monthly £29 fee and you'll get all the benefits and membership of the Facebook Group.


Where will my site be hosted

We include hosting on UK based servers as part of our service. We use high quality hosting that ensures your site will be fast, secure and stable. All the 'techy' stuff is taken care of so you never need to worry about it.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes you will need a domain name. Initially we'll set up on a temporary domain but when it is ready to go live you will need to have a domain name.

If you don’t have a domain name already then our recommendation is to buy one from Namecheap.

We will set up your domain name when the time comes.

Can you provide me with an email address?

You will get two email addresses with your hosting account. One of these addresses will be, the other is whatever you want. You can also use up to 5 forwarding addresses.

(If you currently use a free email address from, for example, Gmail. Hotmail or Yahoo then you can continue to use that and have your domain email forwarded there, though we don't recommend that.)

For a more robust email setup (and lots of other benefits) we would recommend signing up for a G-Suite account, or using another similar email provider that specialises in email handling.

Will my site work on a mobile phone?

Yes. We will make sure your site is fully mobile responsive – as all sites need to be nowadays. This is also something that Google sees as important when it decides which websites to rank – so we need to get it right!

Can I update the designs after going live.

It’s your site and you can edit it as you please and that includes updating the design.

If you want us to do any additional work on the site after publication, or an update to the design we may need to charge for this.

Can I add my own plugins?

We take care of everything and maintain your site and all the plugins on your behalf so you won't need to add any plugins yourself.

We include a carefully curated set of premium plugins that are proven to work well.

However, if you want a feature or addon that is not initially included, you can ask us how best to achieve what you want.

Will my site appear in Google?

Yes. We'll deal with basic on site SEO (search engine optimimsation)when we build the site and provide ongoing guidance.
You will need good content but with a little work and time it’s perfectly possible to get your site close to the top in Google for your chosen search terms (though never guaranteed!)

Can I cancel at anytime

Yes – we want happy clients, not prisoners. You can leave at any time. If you have paid for a year and want to cancel before the year is up we will only offer refunds in exceptional circumstances (see our Terms and Conditions)

While you remain a client we cover the licence fees for plugins and themes used on your site. Although you can take the plugins and themes with you and your site will continue to work, you may find that you need to buy some licences for your site in the future when the plugins need updating.

What help and support do you provide?

There are tutorials and instructions in your site dashboard and we make sure that you are able to access good information about all aspects of website building and online marketing.

Where you need to contact us with a question or problem we deal with support questions by email and will answer within 24 hours (usually less –  within a few hours).

We also have a private Facebook group specifically for DoulaSite owners to learn and share about online marketing.

I've heard professional small business websites cost thousands – how can you do it so affordably?

I want to support Doulas and birthworkers, who normally can't afford custom website fees.

Those higher price tags are for developer built websites where a custom WordPress theme is created for the client. They also often involve a lot of custom work on SEO and other advanced digital marketing features.

At DoulaSites we save you money by using tools and prebuilt starter sites that enable us to quickly set up your site and we offer premium features as optional addons.

Your site is still unique but will bear more similarity to other Doula Sites than might be the case with a fully custom design. There may also be some limitations to design features on your site with the standard set up. 

We are also quite prescriptive in our process. By following certain procedures we are able to automate much of our work – you must work with us the way we ask.

Of course if you have the budget for a more advanced custom website, we're here to help!

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